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Member Meeting and Monotype Workshop

Member Meeting and Monotype Workshop: Sunday, May 20, from 2-4pm

DRA's own talented printmaker Karen Schmitz presents "Making Monotypes," a workshop for DRA members only. Watch up close to learn basic techniques for making simple, unique monotype paintings using a Plexiglas sheet and water-based paints. Due to limited workspace, 20 members, chosen from a drawing at the meeting, will participate hands-on in this valuable opportunity; materials supplied. There will be a brief introductory "meeting" before the workshop, so bring questions you wish to ask or ideas you wish to offer. For more information, contact Kathryn Brown (Membership@TheDelRayArtisans.org) or Linda Hill (Programs@TheDelRayArtisans.org)

Cosmic Quest

2012 Children's Arts Festival Cosmic Quest: Sunday, May 20, 2-4pm at T.C. Williams High School

The Alexandria Symphony and Del Ray Artisans are hosting a 2012 Children's Arts Festival with the intergalactic theme: Cosmic Quest. The Symphony will be playing excerpts from Gustav Holst's suite The Planets. After the Symphony has played the children will then work with Del Ray Artisans on a wondrous art project that will allow the children to bring the music to life. For questions or information, call 703-548-0885 or visit www.alexsym.org/edu.shtml

Art in City Hall

Art in City Hall Reception: Monday, May 21, 5:30-7pm at City Hall

Art in City Hall is a collaborative program of the Alexandria Commission for the Arts, the Office of the Arts, The Art League, Del Ray Artisans and the Torpedo Factory Arts Center. A reception for the exhibit will be held on Monday, May 21, at the Alexandria City Hall, Room 2000, 5:30-7pm. Awards will be presented by Mayor Bill Euille at 6pm. Alexandria Commission for the Arts grants recipients will be announced. For more information, visit TheDelRayArtisans.org/ArtInCityHall

Fourth Annual DRA Yard Sale

Fourth Annual DRA Yard Sale: Saturday, May 26, 8am-2pm

Need that unique gift? Do you have something that you would love to give to a new home! Someone's trash is another's treasure. Donate to the DRA Yard Sale and stop by and see what we are all about! FREE admission and open to the public. Funds raised will help the gallery with ongoing needs. For information on donating items or volunteering, contact Amanda Wright (Fundraising@TheDelRayArtisans.org) or visit TheDelRayArtisans.org/YardSale


Open Life Drawing Sessions (including a Sunday Gesture Session!)

  • Sunday, May 20 from 9:30-11:30am (Gesture)
  • Wednesday, June 6 from 11am-1pm (Gesture, Clothed), 2-4pm (Short/Long Pose)
  • Wednesday, June 13 from 7-9pm (Gesture)
  • Sunday, June 17 from 9:30-11:30am (Gesture)
  • Monday, June 20 from 2-4pm (Short/Long Pose)

These sessions operate on a drop-in basis so there is no need to register in advance. Bring your supplies and join us at the gallery to draw or paint our live models. The fee for each 3-hour session is $8 for DRA members and $10 for non-members. 2-hour sessions are $6 for members and $8 for non-members. For questions, contact Katherine Rand at LifeDrawing@TheDelRayArtisans.org

Poetry and Creative Play: Writing as an Expressive Coping Strategy Workshop

Monday, May 21, 7-9pm. Join Mary Azoy a Creative Expressive Therapist for a stimulating and low-risk interactive workshop that will involve various forms of artistic expression to encourage artistic, personal and professional exploration and a renewal of creative energies. No supplies are required and there is no charge. Contact Millie Mateu (milaenartes@gmail.com) or Katherine Rand (katherine@katherinerand.com) with questions.

Art on the Edge Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 7-10pm

This all-media "edgy" art show extends limits and breaks boundaries, daring artists to "go beyond the fringe" to explore peripheries of the unfamiliar, and celebrate the journey. Their creative responses may be inspired by sports, clothes, music, art, performance, food, lifestyle, violent nature, animals, living spaces, or dwelling places. The show runs June 1 - June 24.

Alexandria Art Market: Saturday, June 2, 10am-4pm

Your monthly dose of art in the heart of Del Ray. DRA is excited to announce its 3rd season of the Alexandria Art Market, which will be held in Colasanto Park, adjoining the gallery. A variety of original artwork from over 25 artists will be on display including painting, photography, pottery, jewelry, and glasswork. For more information, contact ArtMarket@TheDelRayArtisans.org or visit TheDelRayArtisans.org/ArtMarket

Partners in Art Group

  • Monday, June 4 from 2-4pm
  • Monday, June 12 from 2-4pm

Looking for a chance to get together with other creative people to discuss art and exchange ideas? Then come to a meeting of our cooperatively-led Partners in Art group. You may find us engaged in a creativity exercise, enjoying a short demonstration or having a lively art-related discussion. This program is free of charge and open to all. Contact Millie Mateu (milaenartes@gmail.com) or Katherine Rand (katherine@katherinerand.com) with questions.

"Edgy Art" Workshop and Feedback Session

Workshop: Saturday, June 9, 10am-12:30pm. What is "edgy" art? Where did the idea come from? Is "edgy" up to the beholder to define? We will explore many 'edges' in art history followed by a feedback session for those who wish to have an artwork critiqued. Max participants: 30. Fee: DRA members, $10; non-members, $15. Details and registration: TheDelRayArtisans.org/EdgyArt

Bring Your Scraps and Come Have Fun with Collage Cut-Ups

Tuesday, June 12 from 1-4pm. Come play with the Collage Cut-Ups in a supportive environment that promotes an exchange of ideas, creativity and networking with beginner and experienced collage artists. Collage Cut-Ups is an informal group where everyone works on individual projects. This is not a workshop. For more information, contact Millie Mateu at milaenartes@gmail.com.

Creativity Workshop with Lynn Wyvill

Workshop: Saturday, June 16, 10am-12:30pm. What would you do if you broke free of what you've always done in your artwork? We'll use fun exercises to break out of self-imposed boundaries in our art. Max participants: 15. DRA members, $10; non-members, $15. Details and registration: TheDelRayArtisans.org/CreativityWorkshop

Copyright Workshop with Bill Briganti

Workshop: Thursday, June 21, 7-9pm. What is copyright? When is artwork protected? How does copyright law affect the use of previously created images, including photographs? What are the benefits of copyright registration? Bill Briganti, of the U.S. Copyright Office, will discuss such issues for visual artists, provide handouts, and answer questions. Information will be of a general nature; no legal advice will be given about specific artworks or individual artists. Limited space. Member-only registration until June 5; then open to all. Details and registration: TheDelRayArtisans.org/Copyright


Alexandria Art Market (1st Saturday of the month. Open to all artists)

Del Ray Artisans is pleased to announce its call for artists for the 3rd year of the Alexandria Art Market; a monthly outdoor art market that gives local artists an opportunity to sell their original handmade art work and provides them with consistent exposure to the community. The market also has musical performances and food. There will be five monthly markets on the 1st Saturday of the months June through November (except October) from 10am-4pm. The market will be held rain or shine. Each artist will be assigned a 10' X 10' space. Artists are responsible for providing their own tents, tables, chairs, and displays. For more information, contact Kimberly Bush (703-627-7656 or ArtMarket@TheDelRayArtisans.org). Download the application at: TheDelRayArtisans.org/shows/calls/

Art on the Edge (June 1-24, 2012. Open to all artists)

Receiving: Sunday, May 26 & Monday, May 27, 6:30-8:30pm. Where and what are the "edges" in your life experiences that inform your artwork? What kinds of edges draw you? How close do you dare get to a new artistic edge? How do you interpret "the edge"? Extend limits, break boundaries. Explore peripheries of the unfamiliar. Venture to the verge of a new reality. Try new media, genres, themes, subjects, or techniques. Take a risk and trek back to DRA with a new art treasure! Call for Entry at: TheDelRayArtisans.org/shows/calls/

Telling Images Juried Photography Exhibit (DRA Members Only)

Submissions due online before August 31, 2012 Some photographs tell, compel, imply, or suggest some sort of narrative or story: character, place, mood, feeling, plot, past, present, future. Submit up to four (4) single images, each richly implying a story your viewer is induced to imagine from your visual vocabulary. Your topic might include people, or empty spaces that imply presence, in a realistic or abstract style. Choose from your work a group that together tells our jurors what your eye is like. Their criteria will be the quality, originality, and effectiveness in expressing this theme. Film or digital, color or black/white, are acceptable. Submit images to TheDelRayArtisans.org/tellingentry. For questions or information contact Jeanne Tifft at jldtifft@cox.net


Seeking volunteers to help with...

  • Cosmic Quest
    2012 Children's Arts Festival. Volunteer to help children make Artist Trading Cards on Sunday, May 20 at T.C. Williams High School from 2-4pm. Contact Youth@TheDelRayArtisans.org
  • Yard Sale donation drop-off helpers
    Sunday, May 20, 2-6pm. Tuesday, May 22, 7-9pm. Thursday, May 24, 1-9pm. Friday, May 25, 1-9pm. Contact Fundraising@TheDelRayArtisans.org
  • Yard Sale [DRA members only]
    Pricing and tagging, Thursday, May 24 and Friday, May 25 6-9pm.
    Table helpers, 3 hour shifts, Saturday, May 26, 1-9pm.
    Contact Fundraising@TheDelRayArtisans.org
  • eBlast HTML Layout [DRA members only]
    The eBlast Editor provides the content each week for the eBlast (this email!). The HTML Layout Coordinator takes that content and puts it into HTML format for dissemination. Must know HTML, how to FTP, and have internet access. About 1-hour/week; ideally two volunteers would share the responsibility to make it a bi-weekly commitment. Contact Technology@TheDelRayArtisans.org if you are interested.
  • Rec Center After-School Art Program
    Looking for volunteers to teach an art class (about an hour long) once a month at the Mount Vernon Rec Center. Age group of kids is 9-12 years old. Teacher would be responsible for creating a project for the kids to work on in after-school care, and that they can take home. The Rec Center will coordinated purchasing art materials for each project. If interested in volunteering, contact Youth@TheDelRayArtisans.org
  • Adopt-A-Park
    It's the season where cleanness equals points towards cash. Trash needs to be picked up from the small park and from around the gallery. About 1/2-1 hour of work on weekends through November 25. Contact Marlin G. Lord at MGLAIA@aol.com or 703-836-2724 with your availability.
  • Gallery Without Walls Curator
    Are you interested in curating? DRA has off-site exhibits that need volunteers to help coordinate or curate. Past experience as a curator recommended. Contact Curating@TheDelRayArtisans.org
  • Filing and Organizing Paperwork
    Hours available Thursdays and Fridays, 12-6pm. Contact Gallery@TheDelRayArtisans.org
  • Garden
    No experience necessary. Help in the garden. Dig, weed, and learn other skills by professional landscape designer and artist, Pamela Underhill. I can meet weekdays and weekends; for an hour or more. Call me, bring a friend. It's fun and meditative; builds muscles too! Contact Underhill.Pamela@gmail.com, 703-507-4964


Wanted: Teachers, Instruction Ideas, and Volunteers

This year the theme to Art Camp is 5 Art Days ~ Different Ways! Art Camp runs from July 23-27and the students are ages 8-14. If interested, contact ArtCamp@TheDelRayArtisans.org. For more information on Art Camp, visit: TheDelRayArtisans.org/ArtCamp


Arlington County Fair

The Arlington County Fair, which takes place August 10-12, still has a few spaces available for some juried artists and crafts people. For general information and to view pictures, visit www.arlingtoncountyfair.us. Vendor applications can be submitted online or by mail. Guidelines and application forms can be found at arlingtoncountyfair.us/vendors/

Call for Entry: Giving Voice

Art Receiving: Sunday, May 20 & Monday, May 21 from 6-8pm. If you could give voice to anything, what would it be? If anything were possible, what would you give voice to? How would you do it? What do you wish was possible, and how would you bring voice to that? In the fast paced life we live in often people feel unheard. Here is your chance to give voice! For further information and registration questions, please contact Gallery Coordinator Barbie Fischer at barbie.fischer@gmail.com

Workshop: Watercolors with Tom Lynch (July 10-13, 9:30am-4:30pm)

Registration due by May 26, 2012. Space is limited and registration is on a first come first served basis. The workshop, sponsored by The Berkeley Arts Council, takes place at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg, WV. The cost of the four day workshop is $400 plus food and lodging. Reduced room rates will be available at the Holiday Inn for participants (304-267-5500). For more information or to reserve a space in the workshop, please go to the Berkeley Arts Council website: www.berkeleyartswv.org/workshops/watercolor.php

Call for Entry: Alexandria Fire Department's Design the Logo for Pink Breast Cancer T-Shirt Opportunity.

Deadline: June 1. Every October the Alexandria Fire Department wears a new t-shirt to help raise awareness and funds for the Alexandria Walk to Fight Breast Cancer Fund. There is a three-color limit and the image will be printed on pink shirts. This is a great opportunity for local artists and residents to have their artwork seen City-wide. For more information contact Sarah Watson at sarah.watson@alexandriava.gov or 703-746-3123. To submit, send to Rodney.masser@alexandriava.gov or to ask about postal submissions.

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